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Square Banner  Standard Banners are manufactured from 680 gsm reinforced PVC, with sealed edge seams and eyelets, usually spaced at 500mm (24 inch) intervals. Available in white, red, green, yellow, dark blue, light blue and black.
 Instead of eyelets, banners can be supplied with loops to slide over poles. Loops can be on any two opposite sides
  Total block banners, in 780 gsm white PVC, for double sided use, include a black middle layer for total opacity.
  The special vinyl used for applying graphics to the banners is available in 46 colours, and once applied to the banner, will withstand constant handling, folding and creasing.
  Finished banners can be taken down, rolled, stored and used again and again, without worrying about deterioration.
  As an alternative to hanging your banner by cords, we can also supply ball or hook ended bungee cords. These have an elasticated loop approximately 150 mm long.

Rectangular Banner

Hanging Banner Poles

For internal use,
600 mm pole only, on 100 mm base plate.

For external use,
600, 700, 1000 and 1200 mm pole,
on 200 mm square base plate

Order your banner with top and bottom loops, and it can be fixed to two banner poles, top and bottom. Or, if using indoors, just use a top pole with a suitable weight inserted into the bottom loop.

Banner Poles

  Banner Frames

  Made of tough, high impact UV stabilized PVC tubing, it is designed for modular construction to any configuration you may need to design. Simple push fittings ensure that assembly can be performed in seconds, and because of its lightweight fabrication, it is easily dismantled and transported with a minimum amount of fuss.

Available in a range of colours: Black, White, Grey, Red, Yellow, Blue. Frames can be supplied with elasticized loop fittings for attachment of the banner, ensuring a taught wrinkle free display. Banners supplied with frames can be in white or colours, or white flame resistant for special uses.

Banner Frame

The sample frame shown here
including bungee hooks
illustrates use.

For other applications see
Tubular Constructs.

Frames do not include banner.   (E&OE)

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