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GRP Signs

Glass Reinforced Plastic Signs, commonly referred to as Fibreglass Signs.

These GRP signs have numerous advantages over other sign systems.

 Comparatively light, yet extremely strong, they offer excellent resistance to vandalism and weathering.
 Its ability to be moulded makes a GRP sign more cost efficient than some other mediums. ie. wood or metal.
 With a very low coefficient of expansion, compared to other materials, the expansion and contraction with varying temperatures is insignificant.
 GRP signs can be supplied to any colour in the RAL, BS or Pantone colour ranges. [ see stock colour range ]

These signs have a smooth, high quality, gloss surface finish, and the frame is included in the sign moulding. (choice of Louvre or Bullnose edge. see below.)
Customers graphics are normally applied in vinyl.

To sum up GRP signs:

  • Vandal Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Low Expansion & Contraction
  • No separate Frame required
  • All Colours available
  • Numerous Fixing Systems.

Louvre and Bullnose edges in cross section.

The smaller signs tend to have the Louvre edge,
and the larger signs have the Bullnose edge.
All dimensions are overall sizes in millimetres.

Click here for full range of GRP signs.

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