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Sign Board Substrata

Various materials make suitable substrata for signs.

Corrugated Plastic Sheet - commonly referred to as Correx, Coroplast etc.

This is a twin wall PVC sheet, available in various colours,Corriboard
which is suitable for the application of vinyl graphics.
Primarily used for indoor display boards, exhibitions etc.
but may also be used for short term exterior use.

Exposure to sunlight will cause colour to fade over time
and material will eventually deteriorate due to UV exposure.

Extruded PVC Foam Sheet - commonly referred to as Fomex, Foamboard etc.

This is a smooth walled, expanded PVC sheet,Foamboard
probably the most versatile material of all for sign use.
Available in colours, but mostly used in Black or White
with other background colours applied in vinyl.
Usually used in 2, 5 and 10 mm thickness, its uses
are too numerous to mention, but include site boards,
fascia, POS, information, direction, Health & Safety etc.
This has a much greater outdoor life than Correx.

Metal Sheetcut out letters

Aluminium and Alloys, may be used for fascia boards,
post mounted signs, wall signs and cut out or built up
letters. Usually either 2 or 3 mm thick.
For similar uses as above, we also use a variety of
Stainless Steel, in either plain, brushed or mirror finish.

Acrylics - often referred to as Perspex, Polycarbonate etc.

Available in a range of colours and thickness, mainly used
for fascia, lightboxes, cut out and built up letters.

Timber and Plywoodrustic sign

Apart from Rustic house signs, for which we use mainly Birch,
our choice for timber signs is German White Beech. This is a
versatile hardwood, from a managed source, which readily lendsgate sign
itself to machining and staining.
For larger areas we use 18 or 24 mm Exterior grade plywood.


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