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Aluminium House Signs

Cast Aluminium Signs




rectangular aluminium sign

JA1   12 x 2.5 ins.
JA10 12 x 7 ins

JA11 17 x 4 ins.
NB: 12 letters Max. on JB1

Oval aluminium sign with motif

oval cast aluminium with motif

oval aluminium with house number

Oval Signs - JA2 13 x 10 ins.     JA14 16 x 11 ins.

bridge aluminium sign with motif

bridge shaped house sign with number

HS bridge shaped sign with motif

Bridges - JA3 15x7.5 ins.  JA12 12x10 ins.   JA13 17x8 ins.

aluminium house number with motif

aluminium house number with motif

aluminium house number with motif

JA4 5.5 x 7.5 ins.   (shown with different motifs)

large aluminium house number

All these signs available in black only.

small aluminium house number

JA5 7.5x5.5 ins.


JA6 6 x 4 


Motifs available

NB: Motifs not available on
JA1, JA5, JA6.




Powder Coated Aluminium Plate




aluminium house number

HS french style house number

reflective number

PCA1 6 x 4 ins.
Black letters on white

PCA2 6 x 4 ins.
French enamel look-a-like

PCA3 6 x 4 ins.
Reflective white letters

black and white house name

PCA4 16.5 x 4 ins.
Black letters on white
Max. 10 letters/spaces

PCA5 16.5 x 4 ins.
Choice of colours on black
(Reflective white, blue,
green, yellow, orange)

reflective house name

PCA6 18 x 11 ins.
Any colour on white
Max. 2x 12 letters/spaces
+ simple centre logo




All PCA series signs made with durable vinyl lettering.
All signs supplied complete with fixings.

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