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Brass House Signs

rectangular cast brass sign

JB1   12 x 2.5 ins.
JB10 12 x 7 ins

JB11 17 x 4 ins.
NB: 12 letters Max. on JB1

oval brass name and motif

oval brass house name and number

oval brass name and motif

Oval Signs - JB2 13 x 10 ins.     JB14 16 x 11 ins.

bridge shape with name and number

brass bridge shapred with motif

brass bridge shapred with motif

Bridges - JB3 15x7.5 ins.  JB12 12x10 ins.   JB13 17x8 ins.

bridge shaped brass house number

circular brass house number

small brass oval number

JB4 5.5 x 4.5 ins.

JB5 4.5 ins dia.

JB6 6 x 4 ins.

large oval brass number

small oval brass sign

oval brass number and motif

JB7 7.5 x 5.5 ins.

JB8 7,5 x 5.5 ins.

JB9 5.5 x 7.5 ins.




Colours available: maroon, green, black and blue.




Motifs available

NB: JB8 motif M1 only
Motifs not available on:
JB1, JB4, JB5, JB6, JB7

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