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Ceramic House Signs

Frost proof ceramic with fired on decorations.
Transfers can be moved to achieve a balanced appearance,
except JC5 & JC6, where the transfer is fixed.

oval ceramic house sign JC1

oval ceramic house sign JC2

oval ceramic house sign JC3

JC1 12x9.5 ins.

JC2 12x9.5 ins.

JC3 12x9.5 ins.

black oval house sign

bridge shaped ceramic white

bridge shaped ceramic black

JC4 12x9.5 ins.

JC5 11x6.5 ins.

JC6 11x6.5 ins.

round white ceramic house sign

round ceramic house sign JC16

round ceramic house sign JC9

JC15 9.5 ins. dia.

JC16 9.5 ins. dia.

JC9 9.5 ins. dia.

oval house number and motif

oval ceramic house number black

oval ceramic house number white

JC17 5 x 6.5 ins.

JC11 5 x 6.5 ins.

JC12 5 x 6.5 ins.

bridge shaped house number black

Lettering made of
durable vinyl
Other ceramic signs available in store.

white bridge shaped house number

JC13 6.5 x 5 ins.


JC14 6.5 x 5 ins.

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