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 For removable / reusable vehicle signs, we recommend SafeMag sheeting.
This backcoated flexible magnetic sheet is supplied by Flexmag Industries Inc.
in 24 inch wide rolls (at 1.5mm thickness), and can be cut to any shape / size.

 The majority of our customers using magnetic signs, have them made to fit the vehicle door panels, one per side, but we have provided magnetics from small ovals, of less than a foot wide, to large signs that fit the full length of a panel truck (over 2 metres long).

 The Magnetic sheeting is supplied with a semi-gloss white face coating, and vehicle grade vinyl is applied to meet the customers graphic requirements, so a complete vinyl skin may be applied to change the background colour, if required.

 Although custom shapes can easily be produced, we would recommend using rounded contours, rather than sharp angles, so as to prevent dog-eared corners, which could eventually lead to permanent damage to your sign.

 Before applying the sign to your vehicle, ensure that the panel is clean, dry and waxed. We supply all of our magnetic signs pre-waxed for your convenience. Any gritty particles trapped between the sign and the  vehicle panel could lead to damaged paint work.

 The best way to apply your sign is to allow one edge to contact the vehicle in the desired position, and allow the magnetic power to do the work of pulling the sign down to the opposite edge. Peel back and repeat if alignment is not true. Ensure that the entire surface is smoothly against the vehicle, with no trapped air pockets, and in cold weather, the sheeting should be at least 50į F. to remain flexible, but the vehicle surface temperature does not matter.

 Maintenance and Storage

 Remove the sign weekly, and wipe dry both the magnetic side and the surface of the vehicle. This prevents moisture from collecting, which could potentially damage paint work. Simply wash it with warm water and a mild detergent.
Similarly, remove and wipe dry after snow and rain.

 Avoid wrinkling by storing in a 3 inch diameter roll, with the graphics outwards, or store the sign flat on a metal sheet. Anything else is just common sense - like donít put heavy things on or against the signs in storage.

 Oh ! And one final but often ignored point.
Please ascertain that the panel to which the sign will be applied is steel.
Many modern vehicles have plastic or aluminium panels (eg. Land Rovers).
                             If it ainít steel, it ainít magnetic.

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