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Vinyl  Information

Calendered Vinyl

  The Calendering process uses heat to melt a plasticized vinyl resin, which is then squeezed between rollers to produce a vinyl film.

  • Vinyl RollsMonomeric Calendered Vinyl, generally 80-90 microns thick, is mostly used for interior applications, such as POS, way finding etc. as it is prone to light fastness and shrinkage when used outdoors. With an outdoor life of 2-3 years it is only suitable for short term exterior use.
  • Polymeric Calendered Vinyl, generally 70-80 microns thick, offers an extended outdoor life of
    5-7 years, but even with a reduced film thickness, is not suitable for uneven surfaces such as corrugations and rivets. Therefor it is not recommended for use on vehicles.

Cast Vinyl

  This process uses solvents to liquify the vinyl resin, which is then floated onto a highly polished surface. The resultant film is extremely stable and can be used for very demanding outdoor applications. Generally around 50 microns thick, this vinyl offers excellent conformity over rivets, corrugations and textured surfaces. With an outdoor life of 8-10 years, it will withstand extreme variations in temperature and humidity.
  Ideal for window graphics and long term exterior use, such as vehicle liveries, military and marine applications, and industrial signage.


  • Emulsion based Acrylics can be affected by water and are therefor
    not suited for outdoor use.
  • Solvent based Acrylics are more widely used, being water resistant
    and providing better adhesion to a larger variety of surfaces.

Unless stated otherwise we always use Cast or Polymeric Calendered Vinyl,
with Solvent based Adhesive, to ensure the longevity of your sign.

vinyl coloursColours

  The expected outdoor life of vinyl is governed by the type (calendered or
cast), the adhesive used, and the colour fastness. Some colour pigments are
more prone to fading due to their chemical formulation.
  NB: We use the RAL system for colour matching.


  • vinyl on the rollMinimum Application Temperature - this varies between types of
    vinyl, but a safe average figure to work to is 10C
  • Intermittent Service Temperature - the min/max temperature an
    applied vinyl can withstand for short periods.
  • Constant Service Temperature - the min/max temperature an applied
    vinyl can withstand on a constant basis throughout its life duration.


  We use a wide range of vinyls for specific purposes, all ofre-slit rolls
which are manufactured by reputable vinyl makers.

  • MACtac®
  • Avery®
  • A.P.A.®

This list demonstrates the variety available
and some of the uses of these vinyls.

  • Indoor/Short term Outdoor
      2-3 year outdoor life vinyl. Large range of colours in gloss or matt finish.
      Suitable for interior signs and short term outdoor use.
  • Outdoor/General Signage
      7-10 year outdoor life vinyl. Large range of colours in gloss or matt finish.
      Suitable for use in almost all situations, particularly on vehicles.
  • Banners
      3-4 year outdoor life vinyl. Soft cast vinyl for PVC banners in a wide range offlorescent vinyl
      colours, including fluorescent, matt and gloss finish.
  • Fluorescent
      1-2 year outdoor life vinyl. Available in 5 colours for either banners
      or general short term exterior use.
  • Reflective
      3-5 year outdoor life vinyl. Available in 6 colours, this finish
     emulates the reflective road signs, which appear to light-up
     when illuminated by vehicle headlights.
  • Metallic
      2-5 year outdoor life vinyl, depending on material, PVC or polyester.
      Polished gold and silver, and some textured finishes also.
  • Translucent/Transparentwindow graphics
      5-7 year outdoor life vinyl. Large range of colours and
      densities. Mainly used in the construction of light-boxes.
  • Frosted/Etched
      5 year outdoor life vinyl. Available in frosted, dusted and
    etched effect for use on windows. Now also available in 5
     different colour tinted versions.
  • Paint Mask
      paint maskA removable vinyl with resistance to paint solvents. This
      enables the production of complex paint stencils, including
      graphics and text, mainly for spray painting.
  • Sandblast
      A 300 micron cast vinyl for sandblasting designs onto plate
      glass. Easily removable without leaving any residue.

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