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Multicoloured sticker   Complex, multicolour stickers can be produced from your artwork, as well as simple text stickers. These are supplied pre-assembled on a sheet of application paper/film, which you can easily apply to your owntext sticker substrata yourself; simply peel off the backing paper and stick in place.

 Quantities start at 1 off.

screen printed sticker

   We can also supply screen printed window/bumper stickers. As with all types of sticker, the price is dependent on the complexity of the design, the number of colours used and the volume required.

Quantities for window/bumper stickers start from around 200 pieces.

   Trade Stickers.window stickers

   At the moment we only have a range of window stickers specifically designed for the Shoe Repair and allied trades (see below). If you have a trade which could benefit from a range of advertising stickers, and you think there would be a demand for these generally within that trade, please contact us to discuss design/production possibilities.

 Size - Round - 275 mm diameter
 Size - Rectangular - 275 x 500 mm

Price - See our web store for current pricing
Look under 'Trade Signs - Shoe Repair'

1 off Specials, such as these, based on the standard designs above, can be produced at a reduced rate by using/modifying  existing templates.

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