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Window Graphics

Vinyl can also be used for window displays, by reverse cutting, and applying to the inside of the window. Text, graphics, logos etc. can all add impact to your windows.

Window Graphics

Reverse cut vinyl

This is an example of Vinyl window frosting, which the customer required, in order to obscure the backs of the chiller units on the other side of the window.

Available in Dusted, Etched & Frosted,
the frosting is also available in tints

Window frosting

 One thing to consider when choosing the colour of your window graphics, even if your interior is well lit, it will appear darker inside when viewed from outside. For this reason it is advisable to choose light colours for the windows, with White and Yellow being the most suitable.

 Some vinyls, such as florescent and reflective vinyl, have a special backing, which renders them unsuitable for reverse cutting for windows.

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